23/4 2024:

New Level 6 GCI lesson added: The Primitives “Crash” 

6/10 2023:

New Level 6 GCI lesson added: Bruce Springsteens “The River

1/3 2023:

Performance Videos have now been added to the General Course Level 2-5. However: Some of the source files were corrupted so I didn’t manage to add them to all songs. 

5/5 2022: 

New lessons added to OTHER COURSES:

IMPROVISATION:  and From Pentatonic To Diatonic – The Modes added

THEORY: The Foundations Of Harmony added.

LEAD GUITAR>SOLOS: Another Brick In The Wall SOLO Added

And the IOS problem is fixed!

25/3 2022: 

The Website is now open! There is however a compatibility issue making it impossible to navigate on devices running IOS12 and lower. It will hopefully be solved within the next weeks.



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